How I Got Here!!

The premise of this website getting started was because I myself have suffered myself from a life of hospitalizations most of which started out years ago as of idiopathic ideology. And still many of my diagnosis’ are still of idiopathic ideology.  Years ago I spent much time in the hospital with that diagnosis (idiopathic),  before I was diagnosed with only some of the conditions for which I have been now, and for which there still is no known cure.  With the conditions that I and many but in actuality comparatively to world population only a few suffer from.

Trying find products and services over the years has been at times either difficult to impossible that I would not have some form of an adverse reaction to.  I’m not alone when it comes to suffering and struggling with products and services like this.

I belong to some fantastic Facebook support groups where individuals’ who suffer and struggle as I do can go to share their struggles, stories, strengths, sorrows, joys, hopes and inspirations.

I wanted to open a site where there was a place where individuals like us- Chronic Illness Warriors- could come to shop and share what works, helps, fails, flourishes and enhances our lives through our journey with Chronic/Invisible Illness.

Some of the Conditions that we suffer from are:

Gastroparesis- Paralyzed Stomach-or entire digestive tract as is mine

MACS(D)- Mast Cell Activation Syndrome(Disorder) Autoimmune-over production of hystamines that attack your immune system

EDS- Ehlers Danlos Syndrome- Connective Tissue Disorder

Dysautonomia-disorder of the autonomic nervous system. Failure of sympathetic or pathetic nervous system

Adrenal Insufficiency(Addison’s Disease)- Autoimmune disorder. Adrenal Insufficiency.  Body doesn’t produce enough hormone Cortisol to regulate heart rate, blood pressure, metabolisms and male and female sex hormones.

These are just a few to start.

If you’re interested in help or suffering and want group support, check out some Facebook support groups and ask to join the groups…

Gastroparesis Support Groups…there’s a wide array of subgroups once you’re there.

MCAS, Insomnia, Eating Disorder Support Groups, EDS …