Sensitive Skin or Allergies??

I’ve had very sensitive and reactive skin, especially on my face since I was a child. Looking back, I can remember my first really bad skin reaction on my face to a care product.  I was about six (6) years old and I put on Ban de Sole face block and immediately my face started to burn, itch and turn red.  As it turns out, back then, Paba was a popular additive to face blocks and I reacted to it.  We were able to figure out quickly what caused the allergic reaction in me because my mom asked what I put on my face, and when I told her, she said she too was allergic to Paba. To this day I still read the back of every facial sunblock to verify it’s not in there, but never see it anymore.  Another face product I had a horrible reaction to, whick ended up in an infected lip was Bull Frog.  It was a waterproof block I put on my lips because I’d burned my bottom lip the day before and wanted to protect. That action is what made things ten (times worse).  My lip wasn’t able to breath during that day and it ended up swelling and attempting to scab over, but continued to coat in a green and yellow pus.  It took weeks to heal.  I’ve never used any Bull Frog product since just off that causing such terrible anxiety.  I’m sure I’d be fine in any other case without putting it on my lips, but it’s like food poisoning, once you get sick off that food the likely-hood of eating that in my experience is slim to none. (just as  I  haven’t eaten KFC since i was 11). Another severe reaction that I had was at a Mary K party and of course didn’t read the package before I put the liquid foundation on my face and again it had a chemical I reacted too. Again, there are many of their other products I’ve had no issues with, but las I stated I have to be diligent and do my research to see what additives are in there, I and how natural the product is.  I do believe it too was Paba that caused my reaction.  My ace was immediately burning, rashing, itching and eyes watering.  However this time my face peeled after it dried out.

In any case. Over the years I’ve had to go through a lot of trial and error with products.  Many of the ones that I have listed on my site are once in which I have actually tried ,or in the very least very similar to ones I have. I have spent more than a small fortune in make-up and skin care as a resuly of my allergy issues. I’ve at times had drawers filled with products I couldn’t use.  I’d hnestly just give things to friends in need, and becuase of my involvement in the recovery community I’d donate the unused products to community centers that had “Second Chance” programs for women exiting the correctional system or coming out of rehabs trying to restart their lives and didn’t have anything.

Another  big offender for my in care products – skin,( face and body),  and it’s also in most  dish and laundry detergents, liquid soaps-body washes, is Sulfates.  Sulfates I don’t react nearly as severely but it is still a major irritant to me.  It makes me very itchy, at times rashy – different products within one category can be much worse that others. (laundry detergent- Tide, All and Gain i have horrible reactions to.  They all make me rash and itch terribly, dry my skin out to the point I’ll  start peeling and flaking – this is a common occurance when a product or environmental agent makes my reaction so severe and I dry out so badly, I’ll start peeling and flaking as though I’d been badly sunburned and was flaking off the dead skin.  It actuality  it comes off in large patches and flakes.


FOR ANY OF THE PRODUCTS MENTIONED IN THIS POST I DON’T WANT TO LEAD ANYONE TO BELIEVE THAT IT’S THEIR PRODUCT, BUT INFACT THE ACTUAL CHEMICAL INVOLVED IN IT…ALSO I have other contributing conditions that leave me malnourished and dehydrated so the reaction the chemical(s) on top of pre-consisting conditions I currently have.

Some of the Brands which I have tried are

  • Physician’s Formuala
  • Bare Minerals
  • Pure Minerals
  • Purity
  • Botanics
  • Burt’s Bee’s
  • Revlon
  • Oil of Olay

Here’s one of my poem’s I mentioned I’d be adding to my posts:


Spread your wings little sparrow, fear not, fly high,

The clouds are calling, the sun and the wind high in the sky.

Little chicks jump, mama’s gonna push you outta the nest,

Fear not and flap, al lyou must do is call it your best.

We try and we fail, we fail and we get up again,

It’s the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again.

The darkness I’ve seen in my life is bleaker than black,

Iv’e moved some steps forward, but had many setbacks.

The past does not define my future at all,

I stumble, dust myself off and still stand up tall.

I’ve been beaten and burdened by myself and others,

By all of those who’ve wanted to see me smothered.

Raped, molested, beated, physically and emotionally abused,

No longer muzzled, I opened up and the truth finally oozed.

i was ashamed, fearful, confused and always felt at fault,

Little did I know that the shame was not mine alone to bear,

A warning to any future offenders, you best beware!

I grew a spine, found my voice and now I stand up tall,

I no longer cower in corners, or feel weak and small.

Along the way I found my wings.

I want to see what the next chapter in my life is ready to bring