Having Rare Conditions…

The one phrase or two… I dislike the most coming from Medical Professionals is ” Your case is very complicated,” or “you have a lot of diagnosis.” I actually was laying in a hospital bed during one admission and had a Dr. come in, very casually sit, cross his leg and tell me verbatim, “you’re more complicated than all of my cancer patients, at this point all we can do for you is treat you and street you for your symptoms as they arise.”  I was so mad…I sat there steaming and figuring he missed those lessons on bedside manner.  When you have rare conditions as in my case they often don’t come alone.  Mines a bit of a grab bag and I’ve noticed in my groups and with many of my friends that many of us have multiple diagnosis, conditions, ailments and diseases

FaceBook also has a tremendous amount of support groups for all of these condition.

So in being one Alphabet of medical conditions and due to my MCAS and the plethora of allergies that I have developed and continue to develop I’ve had to do A LOT of independent research,  trial and error of products, spend lots of money on things that confine to break me out, wash and wash rewash clothes  one day  because  going the products totally soap free using Epson Salt and Baking Soda didn’t work for me but can for many.

I went thru the same with makeups, body soaps, lotions and the the whole nine yards.

Below I’m listing a bunch of products which I’ve had success with. The majority of the products in which I use are sulfate free because sulfates cause me the most reaction.


Physician’s Formula- bronzer, blush,

Bare Minerals-  (Sulfate Free) base, blush, eye shadow, finishing powder

Sweet Face Minerals Cooling spray, All Powders- concelear,

Oil of Olay- wide array of creams, lotions, gels

No 7 – Face wash, lotion, eye gel,

Purity – face wash and toner

Botanics – Face wash and Toner


Grab Green Laundry Detergent

Puracy 3-1 Detergent

CleanCult Detergent Pacs

Puracy Natural Dishwasher Soap


Dove Exfoliatng

Baby Dove Wash

Dove DermaSeries

Amalactin 12% Moisturizing

Formula II