When You Can’t Eat Solids…


Currently, at this point I’m TPN dependent 100% and IV fluid dependent.  I run  1L of IV fluids a day over (4) hrs and my TPN at night over (12) hrs But before all this happened I was once able to eat a wider array of cuisine.  But then I found my diet becoming more and more limited as I did over the years and had to continuously start taking entire food groups out of my diet due to food allergies, sensitivities and other reactions.  My current diet primarily consists of pudding, (Jell-o brand, Cozy Shack rice pudding, Quaker oatmeal, rice, butter) I don’t normally eat dairy because of the bloating but do anyway  because the cost for one thing I can’t handle right now and there aren’t always alternatives.  I was born lactose intolerant and had to use soy formula as an infant and always an upset stomach drinking mild through my life but muddle through. I have made my own rice pudding but honestly I just couldn’t  get it to a consistency like Cozy Shack that wasn’t still real heavy rice and after eating mine for several days while I had my migraine and getting sick one night I literally vomited up a weeks worth of undigested rice.  I only eat about a quarter of a cup at a time.  I know that’s a little TMI… but I really want this to be a totally open forum about motility issues , one finds ways to get creative in shopping and cooking.   I am able to get in orally about (12-20) fl oz a day and some soft/puree foods.   I want to present recipes that have worked for me and for others to share theirs as well.

I boil, par-boil, steam some fruits…peaches, apricots, pears,…have also steamed pears and apples do them all separately. Peel, put in a blender, preferably a Vita-Mix if you have one.  Take a Mesh strainer and line with Cheesecloth and put over or a bowl. Cover with a clean damp dish cloth and refrigerate for 8-12 hours.  Save the juice for another use.  It’s also good mxed with seltzer water to drink. Take the reserved fruit and mash with a potato masher.

I like adding some Stevia for sweeter to all of them.

With the apples I add a little cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger to taste.

With the Apricots just the Stevia.

With the Peaches I add a little brown sugar and sometimes a little melted butter.

With the pears, and apples I add Stevia and cinnamon.

I also like just mashing bananas and adding cinnamon or nutmeg or mixing them with some peanut butter and vanilla yogurt.

One of my favorite snacks is heating up for 10-15 seconds is creamy peanut butter, mixing 4-6 oz of vanilla yogurt in and some raisins.  Sometimes some granola or chia seeds.  This is a high protein, high potassium snack.

I also like protein shakes with a powder (Whey Tech Pro  24 Natural Chocolate/Vanilla is my favorite, another good brand is SYNTHA -6) I mix it with Almond Milk, Vanilla yogurt either Yoplait or Dannon Dairy free or Activia Dairy Free, Melted peanut butter and frozen fruit.  Sometimes I add a tablespoon of Chia seeds or flax seeds.

These are just a few to get started with.  But I also drink/drank a ton of Ensure/Boost/Glucerna daily. I prefer the Glucerna the best.

Personally I do not like the Breeze or Ensure Clears which are the dairy free version of Ensure and Boost.  They are a juice like.  (nnote: they are also not 100% dairy free!)  Like Boost and Ensure they are Lactose Approved NOT  Lactose Free)

I continue to drink to the Glucerna & Boost High Protein daily as part of the 16-20 oz of my I can typically and comfortably get in for the additional calories and protien as well as vitamins it provides.

I’ll continue to post more purees and recipes I’ve used and tried.